Microsoft Project 2021 Standard vs Professional: Key Differences

Microsoft Project 2021 Standard vs Professional: Key Differences


Microsoft Project 2021, the leader in project management tools, offers two different editions: Standard and Professional. While both are designed to streamline and enhance project management processes, they cater to different levels of complexity and organisational needs.

The Standard edition is primarily designed for small teams or businesses, providing essential tools like basic task scheduling, Gantt chart visualization, and standard reporting capabilities. The Professional edition, on the other hand, goes more in-depth, targeting larger organizations or multifaceted projects. It has advanced scheduling tools, detailed resource engagement features, advanced integration options, and capabilities such as portfolio management and what-if scenario analysis.

Thus, while both versions capture the essence of efficient project management, their choice largely depends on the scale, complexity, and specific demands of the projects.

When looking for suitable project 2021 management software, it is wise to choose the software that best suits your process. There are various project management solutions in the market with Microsoft Project being one of the most popular. This software has been developed over the years and is becoming more and more advanced. Microsoft Project 2021 is the most recently released latest version. This article compares the two editions (Standard and Professional edition) to see which edition is the best fit. This article explains the differences between the two versions.

Microsoft Project Standard 2021

Microsoft Project Standard 2021 is a project management solution designed to be installed on a desktop. It provides schedule development, budgeting, task management, and reporting. It has limited functionality and does not support collaboration, resource management, and synchronization with Project Online and Project Server.


Microsoft Project Standard 2021

The benefits of Microsoft Project 2021 Standard

The Microsoft Project 2021 standard provides the following:

  • Capable to easily manage schedules and costs.
  • Ability to easily manage tasks, reports, and company information.
  • Start and end dates were filled in automatically
  • Ability to visualize complex schedules with multiple deadlines.
  • Clear outline of complex schedules with multiple appointments.

Microsoft Project Professional 2021

Same as MS Project Standard 2021, MS Project Professional 2021 is a desktop version, but it comes with a wider range of functionalities. It collaborates with support and resource management and syncs with Project Online and Project Server. When Microsoft Project Professional syncs with Project Online and/or Project Server it is also called the "Project Online desktop client". It is important not to confuse Microsoft Project Professional with the Project Online desktop client, as they are almost identical. The only difference is that the Project Online desktop client comes with a Kanban board.


Microsoft Project Professional 2021

The Professional edition includes all the features of the Standard edition, plus more features such as team collaboration tools and the ability to connect to Microsoft Project Server.

The benefits of Microsoft Project 2021 Professional

Microsoft Project 2021 Professional offers everything that the Standard edition also offers, including the following:

  • Ability to manage resources easily.
  • Ability to sync projects online and with project servers.
  • Provides clear information on matters such as timesheets, administration of salaries, invoicing, etc.
  • Support on LTSC (Long Term Service Channel).
  • Compatibility with programs like Office 2021 and Office LTSC.

microsoft project standard vs professional


What are the Differences between Microsoft Project 2021 Standard and 2021 Professional?

  • The Professional edition provides various tools and functions to easily manage resources, the Standard edition does not.
  • The Professional version offers the possibility to synchronize projects online or with the project server. This means that files created or files modified can be updated in these programs. This is not possible with the standard version.
  • The Professional edition offers various tools and functions to easily track and provide insight into administrative matters, the Standard edition does not.
  • The Professional edition provides support for LTSC. The standard edition does not do this.
  • The Professional edition is easy to use in conjunction with other programs like Office 2021 and Office LTSC, but the Standard edition is not.


SoftwareDiscountUSA provides Microsoft Project 2021 Standard and Professional with many functionalities with which you can easily manage your projects. Partly because it has a view of complex schedules with multiple deadlines. If you plan to use Project Online and/or Project Server, you'll quickly end up with Microsoft Project 2021 Professional. Do you also need insight into the administration of projects and/or management of resources? We still recommend the Professional version. Compatibility with Office 2021 and Office LTSC makes the Professional edition the most complete version.