Safe Browsing

Read below to learn how to protect yourself from organizations that want your information

Safe Browsing with NordVPN


A VPN protects your data and privacy while using the internet


Governments, Data Brokers, Your Internet Service Provider, Scammers and Snoops are all attempting to collect information and connect it to a real person they can target.


Data Brokers sell actionable information to businesses who want to control what you buy Governments want to know what you're searching for and why Scammers and Snoops want your money

When you purchase NORD VPN you can Prevent all of this with a simple click before you start browsing


Nord VPN:
  • Keeps you secure especially if using public wifi
  • Hides or masks your IP Address
  • Encrypted internet traffic makes browsing more secure
  • Allows you access to more content on the internet by avoiding government censors or sporting event blackouts.
  • Ensures your online behavior isn’t tracked, recorded, and sold by your Internet Service Provider


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Safe Browsing with NordVPN