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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard - 5 User Cals

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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard - 5 User CALs

Unlock the full potential of your business infrastructure with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard, now available with 5 User Client Access Licenses (CALs). Designed for businesses seeking advanced features, this edition provides the flexibility and security needed to support your dynamic work environment.

Key Features

  • Hybrid Capabilities with Azure: Seamlessly integrate with Azure services for enhanced hybrid functionalities, including Azure Backup, Azure File Sync, and centralized management with Azure Active Directory.
  • Advanced Multi-layer Security: Elevate your system’s security with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats.
  • Flexible User Access: Comes with 5 User CALs, allowing your team seamless access to the server from anywhere, fostering collaboration and productivity.
  • Unparalleled Hyper-V Virtualization: Create and manage a virtualized computing environment with Hyper-V, improving efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Enhanced Application Platform: Support for Windows containers and Kubernetes, enabling you to modernize applications quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Windows Server 2019 Standard?

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard is the go-to solution for small to medium-sized businesses that require robust, scalable, and secure server management capabilities. With support for up to two Hyper-V containers, you can optimize your server environment for efficiency and performance. The addition of 5 User CALs provides your team with the flexibility to access server resources securely, whether working onsite or remotely.

Invest in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard today and take the first step towards a more secure, efficient, and flexible business infrastructure. Perfect for businesses aiming for growth without compromising on security and reliability.