Vendor: Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard - 16 CORE INSTANT LICENSE

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Windows Server 2016 Standard - 16 Core License

Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition is the base version of the low virtualized software built for high traffic container environments.

With Windows Server 2016 Standard, users gain access to features such as server virtualization, storage, software-defined networking, web application platforms, server management and automation, information protection, virtual desktops, and much more. One of Microsoft's newest features with 2016 is Nano Server, a headless installation option for Windows Server 2016, and has a 93% lower VHD size than Windows Server. This version of Windows Server 2016 Standard uses an original equipment installation (OEI) DVD for installation and provides a 16 core license.

  •  Added Layers of Security: Enhance security and reduce risk with multiple layers of built-in protection
  •  Built-In Containers: Develop and manage with agility thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers
  •  New Deployment Options Increase availability and reduce resource usage with the lightweight Nano Server
  •  Innovative Networking Software-defined networking to automate with cloud-like efficiency
  •  Cost-Efficient Storage Build highly available, scalable software-defined storage and reduce costs
  •  Transform the way you develop, deploy, and run your applications with a modern DevOps environment. Bring agility, scale, and security benefits to existing applications, while building next-generation applications optimized for the cloud.
  •  Increase efficiency and agility with a software-defined datacenter. Solve your operational and budgetary challenges. Blend physical and virtual infrastructures together through software-defined compute, storage, and networking technologies.
  •  Protect the applications that run on your operating system, anywhere it's deployed. Enhance the protection of your applications on-premises or running in the cloud.