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Microsoft Project 2013 Professional License

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 PC: Windows 7, Windows 8
* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements below
Year: 2013
Edition: Professional
System Requirements
Microsoft Project 2013

What is Microsoft Project 2013 Professional?

Originally launched back in 2012, Microsoft Project Professional 2013 is still an essential tool for project managers, enabling them to collaborate, plan, and communicate with their team members. Microsoft Project Professional 2013 does exactly what a project management tool should do - simplifies project management while making cross-company collaboration easier.

Its tools for reporting, presenting, and budgeting make every step of project development easier and pain-free. Aside from its great tools, the option to export project data “through the cloud” to the mobile Office 365 allows workers to access and share project data remotely over the web.

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Why buy Microsoft Project 2013 Professional?

Track Resources

  • Enable visualization resources with new intuitive heat maps and reports.
  • Maximize Return on Investment with detailed resource visualization and management.

Create Reports

  • New formatting capabilities and Graphics replace the “Walls of data” in previous versions.
  • The Burndown report feature provides glance access to planned, completed, and remaining work as lines on a graph.
  • Explore customizable report templates and create new and professional reports without exporting data to another program.

Stay on Track

  • Multiple timelines feature gives you a clearer picture of the work involved in the project.
  • Set project and task date up to 31/12/2149. A longer duration than the previous versions.

Time management tools

Microsoft Project has time management tools so you can stay informed and control schedules, resources, team expertise, project tasks, and finances.


Project Timelines

Project Timelines

  • Project Timelines allow manager to see comparisons of project progress across main projects and even sub-projects.

Time-sheet capabilities

  • Track project success visually and dynamically by using out-of-the-box reports from the PPM Content Pack for Power BI for quick insights and drill down.
Time-sheet capabilities

Best on-premises project management solution

Microsoft Project is the best on-premises project management solution from Microsoft. It helps improve the scheduling and planning aspects of your organization’s projects and activities.

Microsoft Project comes with intuitive and intelligent capabilities that ensure project managers have the right tools to plan projects efficiently.

Project Guides

Microsoft Project has useful tools like Project Guides, helpful templates.


The Project Guide

The Project Guide

The Project Guide is an interactive aid that helps set projects up, manage tasks and resources and track the status of activities, report on project information.The Guides are also customizable for whatever methodologies the project manager chooses.
The Help section

The Help section

The Help section has a robust search engine. It uses smart tags and wizards to find practical help for users. There is also online access to training courses and templates for a range of use cases. It also contains relevant articles and other helpful resources for users.

Better collaboration

Project has excellent connectivity features.

Better collaboration

Share the latest versions of project plan

  • You can connect with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and share the latest versions of project plan with your colleagues. This allows for better collaboration between team members, as they can point out problematic issues or make better suggestions that the project manager may have missed.

The built-in Lync features

  • The built-in Lync features allow for team members to have discussions about the project without even leaving Project. Project comes with added collaborative features that keep all team stakeholders connected to the project’s progress.

Resource management tools

Better decision-making

  • Resource Engagements manage the resource requesting process for better decision-making. The Additional Resource Manager allows for responses to requests within a Project without using full versions.
Resource management tools

Resource Capacity Heat Maps

Project has Resource Capacity Heat Maps. It allows for a quick overview to see which resources are not being utilized enough and which resources are being overused or are in danger exceeding their capacity within the project.

At a Glance

The ‘At a Glance’ feature is exclusive to Project 2010 Professional. This feature is designed to show the user an overview of important aspects without having to actually select them. This overview makes it easier to find and fix scheduling conflicts.

Inactive Tasks

The manager can easily turn tasks on and off to see what effect it has on the plan and the timetable, make temporary changes in the project plan. It helps make decisions and optimized adjustments on the current project plan to maximize results.


You can show different aspects and views of project data, thanks to a whole new set of customizable reports.



Task paths

  • It keeps track of complicated task paths so that you don’t have to. Task paths can be highlighted instantly with a simple click so there’s no need to manually trace the path you want to examine.


  • Computer and Processor: 1 GHz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 instruction set
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) / 2 GB RAM (64 Bit)
  • Hard disk: 2.0 GB available
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012 with .Net 3.5 or greater
  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card1024x576 minimum resolution
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Firefox 10.x+, Safari 5 (Mac), Chrome 17.x.
  • Other: Touch features require a touch-enabled Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, Certain functionality may require internet connectivity