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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise 2 Core - CSP

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System Requirements

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise 2 Core - CSP

The Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise 2 Core - CSP provides a powerful and scalable database solution, optimized for high-performance computing environments. With 2 Core licensing, it's perfect for businesses requiring high throughput, robust data processing, and comprehensive security features. This edition supports large-scale operations, virtualization, and cloud environments, making it an ideal choice for enterprises looking to maximize their database infrastructure.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise 2 Core - CSP

SQL Server 2022 is here!

Get industry-leading performance, availability, and security on the platform of your choice, including Windows, Linux, and Docker. Build intelligent applications using your preferred language and environment. Gain real-time intelligence and deliver insights through modern analytical models and reports.

Access mission-critical capabilities to achieve unparalleled scale, security, high availability, and leading performance for your Tier 1 database, business intelligence, and advanced analytics workloads.

Your choice of language and platforms

Build modern applications using the language of your choice, on-premises and in the cloud, now on Windows, Linux and Docker containers.

Industry-leading performance

Take advantage of breakthrough scalability, performance, and availability for mission-critical, intelligent applications and data warehouses.

Least vulnerable database

Protect data at rest and in motion with the least vulnerable database over the last seven years in the NIST vulnerabilities database.

Real-time intelligence

Gain transformative insights for your business with real-time analytics at up to 1M predictions/second.

End-to-end mobile BI

Turn raw data into meaningful reports that can be delivered to any device—at one-fifth the cost of other self-service solutions.

  • Lightning-Fast Data Processing: Optimize your database performance with advanced data processing capabilities, ensuring quick access and analysis of your data.
  • Enhanced Security: Protect your valuable information with built-in encryption, data masking, and threat detection to guard against unauthorized access and cyber threats.
  • Seamless Scalability: Easily adapt your database infrastructure as your business grows, maintaining high performance without extensive overhauls.
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Minimize downtime with robust high availability solutions and disaster recovery options to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Advanced Analytics: Leverage powerful analytics tools to gain deeper insights into your data, helping you make informed business decisions.
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Efficiently manage large and complex databases with features designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity.
  • Flexible Licensing: The 2 Core licensing model offers flexibility, allowing you to scale your database operations according to your business needs.

To ensure optimal performance, your environment should meet the following system requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise 2 Core - CSP:

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2019 or later or a supported version of Linux.
  • Processor: x64-compatible processor with a minimum speed of 2 GHz; 2 cores required.
  • Memory: Minimum 4 GB of RAM; recommended 8 GB or more for better performance.
  • Disk Space: Minimum of 6 GB of available hard disk space for installation; additional space required for database files and logs.
  • Network: A Gigabit Ethernet connection is recommended for optimal network performance.
  • .NET Framework: Version 4.8 or later.
  • Additional Software: Internet Explorer 11 or later or a compatible web browser for certain features.
  • Other Requirements: A dedicated SQL Server instance is recommended for best performance.