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With your plan, you will receive:

  • Federal and State Audit Assistance: Whether it's the IRS or your State, Tax Audit Defense has you covered.
  • Three-Year Coverage: Your tax return is safeguarded for three full years.
  • Guidance Through Audits: If you get an audit notice, Tax Audit Defense will walk you through the process and handle correspondence on your behalf.
  • Wide Range of Assistance: From denied credit to tax fraud incidents and tax debt, Tax Audit Defense is there to help.
Why Choose Tax AuditDefense

Tax AuditDefense

What is Tax AuditDefense?

Find the Right Plan For You. Tax Audit Defense brings you a comprehensive audit assistance for the entire year. Safeguard your tax return today with Tax Audit Defense Products starting at $49.99.

Tax AuditDefense Product Comparison

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Why Choose Us?

Our Tax Professionals Will:
  • Manage all communication on your behalf.
  • Respond to all questions on your behalf.
  • Challenge the IRS' approach and position.
  • Provision all necessary documents throughout the audit.
  • Meet with the IRS in person to resolve any issues.
  • Handle any negotiations and claims.
  • Support in any appeal on your case.