Best for Individuals with W-2 returns.
W-2 Filers Only (No K-1, 1099s or investment income or contributions)

Year 2020 AuditDefense Plan

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Best for Individuals with W-2 returns.

W-2 Filers Only (No K-1, 1099s or investment income or contributions)
  • No itemized deductions.
  • Dedicated audit defense representative.
  • Discount on tax debt relief plans.
  • Discount on TurboTax and HR Block software.

What is Audit Defense?

Certain tax experts, online tax services, and self-preparation software providers extend audit protection services. In essence, these services assure assistance and support in the event of a state or IRS audit.

The level of assistance and support throughout an audit varies depending on the audit protection provider.

How does Tax Audit Defense work?

With your audit protection service, the following features apply:

  • Handling audit notices on your behalf
  • Defending your federal and/or state tax return during audit hearings or meetings with auditors
  • Coverage on any penalties or fees for made by a preparer or software on your return.
  • Service & support from audit representatives, who may be tax professionals like Enrolled Agents or CPAs
  • Access and support in resolving tax debt or identity theft related to the audit.

Important Note:

Make sure to understand the difference between prepaid audit defense and audit representation. With audit representation, you hire a professional after receiving an IRS audit notice. However, audit defense needs to be bought before you file your return – it's not an option once you've been notified of an audit. Stay proactive and secure your defense before tax time!

How long is my Tax Audit Defense Coverage?

Upon purchase, your Tax Audit Defense service grants you an annual membership.  This means that Tax Audit Defense will assist with any audits that happen during that year. For example, a service might pledge to safeguard your return for up to three years from the IRS acceptance date for a particular tax year. Typically, the IRS audits returns filed within a three-year window, but this period could extend to six years or more in case of substantial errors. So, if you purchased Tax Audit Defense for the year and face an audit for the last three years, you're covered and protected. 

Why Choose Tax Audit Defense?

Tax Audit Defense brings you a comprehensive audit assistance for the entire year. Even if you've done everything right, your tax return might still face scrutiny.

With your plan, you will receive:

  • Federal and State Audit Assistance: Whether it's the IRS or your State, Tax Audit Defense has you covered.
  • Three-Year Coverage: Your tax return is safeguarded for three full years.
  • Guidance Through Audits: If you get an audit notice, Tax Audit Defense will walk you through the process and handle correspondence on your behalf.
  • Wide Range of Assistance: From denied credit to tax fraud incidents and tax debt, Tax Audit Defense is there to help.

When we represent you in tax audits, we take care of everything:

  • Communication Handling: We manage all communication with the IRS or state taxing agency.
  • Question Answering: We respond to all questions on your behalf.
  • Challenging the IRS: If necessary, we challenge the IRS' approach and position.
  • Document Provision: We provide all necessary documents throughout the audit.
  • Face-to-Face Meetings: We meet with the IRS in person to resolve any issues.
  • Negotiations and Claims: We handle negotiations and claims.
  • Appeals: If needed, we appeal your case.

Rest assured, we're here to ensure the best possible outcome for you.